A Coach to help you prepare for
performance, by developing
appropriate Mindset and Skillset.
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A guide to drive you towards
appropriate resources,
people and decisions.
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A Counsellor to help you strengthen
yourself while getting through difficult
time and go towards the finest
version of yourself.
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A Counsellor to help you strengthen
yourself while getting through difficult
time and go towards the finest
version of yourself.
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Simoni has successfully Trained and Coached CEOs, Executives, Entrepreneurs, Managers, Doctors, Chartered Accountants, Language Trainers, Chefs, Retired Professionals, Students (school and university level) and Homemakers.
Simoni Parmar

Simoni Parmar is a well-trained and experienced professional, who has conducted trainings not only for Indian delegates, but also for delegates from Australia, Thailand, Singapore, China etc. She applies numerous strategies and techniques for effective learning programs while conducting customised personality and behaviour training program / personal coaching sessions.

Her educational qualification includes degrees and certificates in the field of Business, Management, Psychology, NLP and of course Training. She is a keen observer and critical thinker, who can very well understand the need of the organization, find root cause of the problem at the organization through appropriate methods of Training Need Analysis and accordingly propose learning program.

Her knowledge of business administration, management, psychology, and human resources are an added advantage when it comes to designing the appropriate program considering the traits of the participants and need of the organization or individual.

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Training Programs

Through Training programs on various soft skills, Simoni Parmar assists people prepare to….

Private Coaching

Private Coaching has it own advantages. Not to mention it is more effective as all the….

One-on-one Coaching at Companies

Simoni conducts one-on-one coaching for employees of a company to get personally in touch….

Most Successful Training Programs for Corporate

Communication Skills

Business Etiquette

Selling Skills

Body Language

Emotional Intelligence

Team Building

Positive Attitude

Public Speaking

Time Management

Interpersonal Skills

Leadership Skills

Conflict Management


“I needed this. Her session helped me to introspect at a deeper level. It has immensely been drilled into my consciousness that with good and positive thoughts, self-esteem and self-confidence is boosted. It also increases the probability of achieving success.”

Priyanshi Mistri.

“Attending her program gave me a certain amount of self-belief of doing something. It helped me inculcating habits that are required for a pleasant personality. I benefitted immensely from her session. Given a chance I would like to attend more of her sessions.”

Rashmi Jha

“Her session was very motivational. And the things she talked about gave me the assurance that I was immensely looking for, about whether I was on the right track or not.”

Harshitha Ravikumar

“Her session was very interactive and fun. We got to learn a lot of technical details about body language, etiquette, professional image etc.”

Anonymous (employee at a well established MNC)

“The training was very informative. It helped me understand how my suppressed anger is harmful to myself.”

Anonymous, Engineer

“Her techniques were very interesting, i.e. story telling, Bollywood references etc. It kept the audience binded thoroughly. Points of action were well communicated. Her workshop helped me learn some good skills. I would like to attend more of her workshops in future.”

Rushi Kanakiya, Businessman

“She is a good speaker, confident and has in-depth knowledge about the topic. She was able to keep the group engaged throughout.”

Yash Ranasaria, C.A. and have Manufacturing Business